Kica Evo Massage

550.00 QAR

Heated Muscle Massage Gun】Equipped with heating massage head, the massage temperature can reach 40℃±3℃, good for muscle relaxation and recovery.
【Retractable Handle and Foldable】Built-in 90mm/3.54in extension rod, and five folding angles to adjust, easily unfolded to 113 degrees.
【Six Types of Massage Heads】Come with 6 different massage heads, heating head, spherical head, u-shaped head, cone head, tree head, wedge head, meet the different needs of each scene and muscle group.
【12mm Amplitude, 3200 RPM】Powerful motor, deep stroke up to 12mm, reducing lactic acid and lethargy, easily slide to control three massage tapping speed levels
【Battery Life Up To 12H】Long-lasting use, charging time about 7.5 hours with a 5V/2A charger via USB-C charging port.
【Intelligent Protection】Automatically stop the device after over 10 minutes continuous massage to avoid damage to muscles and bone due to long time massage on the same part.
【Frosted Metal Body】Good-looking and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go or when going to the gym.
【Weight】About 690g, 【Dimensions】About 98x239x81mm(Folded), About 148x330x81mm(Unfolded to 90°)

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