Bud Coffee Blender Baig

299.00 QAR


The Step One

Invert The Motor, Put The Coffee Beans Into The Groove Of The Motor Cutter Head, And Then Make A Cup Of Coffee With 200ml Water

Step Two

Connect The Cup Body To Dry Grinding, And Automatically Stop Once Every 40s To Make Coffee. It Is Recommended To Grind 3 Times (About 120 Seconds)

Step Three

Pour The Coffee Powder Into The Filter Screen, And Slowly Pour 200 Ml Hot Water (15 G Coffee Beans) Into The Cup Mouth

Step Four

Change The Lid Of The Portable Cup And Enjoy The Strong Freshly Ground Coffee



Product Name: BUD portable coffee cup

Product model: bb02a

Battery capacity: lithium batteries in series / two 2000mAh

Motor speed: 80000r / min

Product color: Black / off white

Power on mode: charging

Rated power: 90W

Rated voltage: DC 7.4v

Single working time: 40s


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