WiWU Pencil One 2 In 1 Passive Stylus With Magnetic Cover - White

69.00 QAR

Wiwu pencil one 2 in 1 passive stylus capacitive & ballpoint pen for Apple, Android & Microsoft system online in Bangladesh from Cellsii.com. The tip of the transparent silicone disc does not hurt the screen, does not slip, the pen is dropped accurately, the writing is smooth, and the lines are delicate and smooth.

Passive stylus. Ballpoint pen. Magnetic cover. Universal Compatibility: The disc tip can glides across all capacitive touch screen devices smoothly and responds with great accuracy. Compatible with iPad, iPhone, kindle, samsung, android, tablets, laptop and more. Comfortable to hold: Designed with a non-slip rubber grip make the stylus easy and comfortable to hold and without feeling fatigue. Ideal for artists, designers, students, teachers to do creation on iPad. 2 in 1 universal pen: The transparent disc tip allows you to see more accurately where you are drawing and perfect for detailed work. Other size ball point pen is a normal pen, it allows you make a note any time. Easy to use: No battery request, no bluetooth or app request, it is ready to use any time.

  • Passive capacitive pen, no need to charge.
  • A three-stage design can be used as both a ballpoint pen and a capacitive pen.
  • Sensitive touch, smooth drawing, and writing.
  • Replaceable pen tip, easy to remove and install the new one.
  • Both pens can be replaced.
  • The pen tip of the transparent silicone disc does not hurt the screen or slip.
  • The simple design offers an attractive look and enables a comfortable hold.
  • Support Android, Apple, and Microsoft systems.
  • Compatible with
    • Android, Apple, and Microsoft devices

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