Minij MakeUp Fridge Red 15 L

700.00 QAR

the MINIJ Retro Cosmetic Refrigerator is nothing more than a mini refrigerator dedicated to the refrigeration of cosmetics. After a quick online investigation, we found that the best storage environment for cosmetics is a stable low temperature environment, dry, free of bacteria, dust and UV rays. This is where the MINIJ mini fridge comes into play with its more accurate temperature control that avoids sudden changes in temperature thanks to a compression cooling mechanism. The refrigerator uses high quality compressors and high cooling efficiency for accurate temperature control and minimal temperature fluctuations.So, for example, various lipsticks, face masks and more can be kept at a custom temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. The quantity of products that we will be able to place inside the MINIJ Retro Cosmetic Refrigerator is not even recently with a capacity of 15 liters. Now, we don't know exactly how many mascara we can keep cool, but at least in the photos it looks more than roomy.Finally, the fridge has an automatic lighting system when the door is opened, like a real large fridge, and is available in four colors: Milk White, Hot Red, Flower Powder and Olive Green.

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